How to Transfer WR-Connect Design to HFSS.
Download Generic VS Script Macro. It can be used for any WR-Connect design. Default WR-Connect project file name is "project.dat" (it can be changed by user in the source code). The defaults can be changed by user.

1) Allocate a working folder to keep the project files.
2) Export WR-Connect project to the folder named "project.dat".
3) Right-click the frame with code below, Select All and Copy.
4) Paste the code into a plain text editor (NotePad)
5) Save the code in the working folder as VB Script (*.vbs).
6) Open new HFSS project with an empty 3D design
7) Save the project in the working folder with any name
8) Click Run Script option in Tools menu as (*.vbs) type
This is an universal script configured for automatic transfer and execution of a WR-Connect project in an existing empty HFSS project. It is configured to be openned from HFSS/Tools/Run Script menu (see instructions). It is open source software written in Windows Script (VB Script) under GNU General Public License. Basic knowledge of VBScript and HFSS scripting is required to execute the code from HFSS. Advanced programming skills are required to make modifications.