Harmonic Corrugated Filters
Simple, Small & Powerful / Simplified version of Levy's filter, US Patent # 3,597,710 by R. Levy

Although E-plane corrugated waveguide filters are the oldest, most popular and investigated among waveguide "harmonic" filters, it is still much to improve in order to make them smaller, bandwidth wider and more powerful (see prefix for more information). Visit my online Design Studio to design the best harmonic filter.

Harmonic Filter Performance
Pass-Band, GHz 10.7 - 11.7
Insertion Loss, dB 0.15 Silver
Return Loss, dB 24 No Tuning
Rejection, dBSee plots
Multipaction Power, W 7900 by analysis
Dimensions, inch 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.60 Standard Flanges

Pass-Band Return Loss (dB) vs Frequency (GHz)

Pass-Band Insertion Loss (dB) vs Frequency (GHz)

Roll-Off Rejection (dB) vs Frequency (GHz)

(Band #1) Harmonics Rejection (dB) vs Frequency (GHz)

(Band #2) Harmonics Rejection (dB) vs Frequency (GHz)