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About Version 2020

The version 2020 is an upgrade of the Waveguide Connector (version of 15.09.02). The current version has been upgraded with waveguide structure templates, synthesizing and optimizing tools.

Field of Application

WR-Connect is fast "non-rigorous" RF/microwave engineering CAD software created to design waveguide components of the URWS (uniaxial rectangular waveguide structures) class. The main purpose of WR-Connect is conceptual designing (exploration of design ideas, technical proposals, quoting). Although, in many cases, it can be directly used for real hardware designing. Besides, this version can be linked with other waveguide structures simulators (for example ANSYS HFSS) by aggressive space mapping (ASM).

Components Covered

The area of waveguide components, which can be designed using WR-Connect are mostly band-pass, low-pass, high-pass waveguide filters and also matching and transforming components.

Structures Covered

WR-Connect is applicable to uniaxial rectangular waveguide structures (URWS) composed from several types of elements (step, cavity and diaphragm) connected to each other by straight waveguide sections.

Design Process

WR-Connect is an integrated design environment compromising URWS simulator, synthesizer, optimizer, space mapping tools, correctors, editor and templates.


Although the computational engine is based on rigorous mode-matching computational methods, the number of waveguide modes taken into account is set to minimum in order to fit computational ability of IE, reduce design time but still keep accuracy practically acceptable for wide class of applications. For more information refer to Accuracy & Applicability Report to see how simulation results obtained by WR-Connect correlate to results of measurement or simulation performed by some other software.


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