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Main Menu Options

The main menu is on a black bar at the top of each page of WR-Connect design environment. Each menu button navigates to appropriate design tool. The Main Menu options are:

Main Menu Navigation Rules

WR-Connect consists from multiple simulation tools and controls, which utilize mutual computational data and design parameters. Those data and parameters are stored the browser’s memory and can be transferred from one page to another to perform different design steps (synthesis, simulation, plotting results, etc.). Cross-navigation between the internal WR-Connect pages is designed to be performed using the Main Menu navigation bar. The original navigational controls of browser could work also, but they are not recommended to use during the design process.

WR-Connect Environment Pages


This is the home page of WR-Connect. It is used to import and export design project file. In other words a user can open and save a design project using this control. The feature has been tested on several browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) in PC versions (Windows 7-10 and Ubuntu 18.04). If using any of those browsers, a user could be able to open a project (by clicking File / Import Project menu item) from his/her computer in a usual way (using Open File control). The export of a project file, however, might not work in some browsers or under some security restrictions. Nevertheless, a user can export his/her design using computer clipboard, if copying or the appropriate text content from the text window (Select All > Copy) and then pasting it into a text editor (Notepad) and saving it in a usual way. Next time, the project data can be imported in the usual way. The project file content can be also imported from a text editor through computer clipboard (Select All > Copy > Paste) into the text window on “File” Page without using Open File dialogue.


This page contains general design parameters associated with software settings, dimensions of measure, frequency plans, synthesis and optimization specs. Those parameters must to be set prior to performing simulations.


The Editor Page is the main page of the WR-Connect, which performs all simulations (synthesis, simulation, optimization and space mapping) and design operations (manual and automatic design corrections). It is navigated from any of “Edit”, “Design”, “Run” menu options from other pages. If it is active, the “Edit”, “Design” and “Run” menus contain corresponding executable drop-down items.

Reports > Plot

This page contains rectangular frequency domain plot window with controls selecting s-matrix paths, types of characteristics, grid and zoom options. The Plot Page can plot characteristics obtained from internal simulation results, external s-parameters data or the both simultaneously.

Reports > Import/Export

This page is to export the simulation results and import external data in common s-parameters formats.